getting to know you

I really enjoy this site and the people here are all positive. This site has really help me with my natural journey. I appreciate you guys very much. so let get to know each other better.
Favorite web site(s), and
Favorite products: Cantu strengthing cream,creme of nature shampoo and conditioners and WATER
Favorite home recipe: 1 avacado and 2 tbls of olive oil for deep conditioner
Favorite style: Afro on the weekends
Where you From: California
Why you decide to go natural: Tired of buring my hair and it looking dull. Cant afford to go to a shop so I had to do my hair and noticed it look dead did some thinking and said just stop the abuse and go natural.

Three things you notice about you new natural hair: less breakage,its mangable,scalp is healtheir looking
EXtra:Fave tv show Lost, Music: I like the song by K'naan it was free on I tunes and liked it he's a natural too.
Give a compliment to: E.B. first one to welcome me to naturally and to this site and all of you.
Something extra: I like to play the piano and dance
please feel free to add on my computer is slow
love my hair for what it is not what it should be
4a 4b
My routine till March 29:
Individual braids

Fave Site: Naturallycurly (of course), Happycurls, Mane&Chic
Fave Products: Kbb HM, AOHSR, JCWDT, Kccc
Fave Home Recipe: Strawberry& Avocado Pre-poo
Fave Style: Puff
Where I'm From: NYC baby!
Why you decided to go natural: I want healthy hair. Who know's what the crap in the relaxers was doing to my body.
3 Things I noticed....: My hair hates shea butter (in the raw) as a moisturizer, hates cheap co-wash conditioners, hates protein based Leave-ins and stylers.
Fav TV Show: LasVegas
Music: Neyo Soul and R&B

"There’s just an certain aura a woman exudes when she has natural hair. She walks differently. Her swag is on full tilt. There’s a sense of confidence and je ne sais quoi that emanates from her spirit. Whatever it is it’s sexy as all hell and turns me on" -Anslem Samuel
Favorite web site(s):Texture Playground (could you have guessed that lol),, and
Favorite products: KCCC, Amla, JC Nourish and Shine
Favorite home recipe: Coffee Bean Butter Treatment
Favorite style: Twistouts
Where you From: Haiti, but lived in Miami for a while
Why you decide to go natural: The thought wouldn't leave my head LOL. I just felt it was right!

Three things you notice about you new natural hair: Oh so pretty , no more headaches, much healthier and stronger
EXtra:Fave tv show CSI Miami, Music: Neosoul, R&B, Jazz
Give a compliment to: SBB, she is so incredibly helpful and knows so much about so many topics. She should write a review book: "Naturals, don't go shopping for your hair without ME".
Something extra: I am a girly girl, but most of you already call me girlie. Don't know how you guessed that one LOL

And, True, I'm glad you're enjoying my site
My blog :

Favorite web site(s),
Favorite products: Elucence MBC and AOHSR baking soda, ACV auyvedic products and buttters
Favorite home recipe: My moisturizing butter and JBCO
Favorite style: Twist outs
Where you From: Chicago
Why you decide to go natural: Because I wanted to get to know my naked hair without chemicals, thank GOD I did

Three things you notice about you new natural hair: less breakage,beautiful waves and curls, Stronger.
EXtra:Fave tv show Grey's Anatomy Music: Ole Skool music
Give a compliment to:Fleurzty, I love her info and she has some great recipes. She's the reason why I bought coffee bean and Kokum butter

Something extra: I like to jazz dance on the weekends.

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Favorite web site(s): (Hair ones?) Happycurls, Curly Nikki, Naturally Curly & Naturally Leslie
Favorite products: TJ Nourish Condish & Poo, Coconut Oil, Ecostyler Gel, Pantene Relaxed & Natural Mask, Kid's Organic Detangling Lotion.
Favorite home recipe: none
Favorite style: Wash n' Go
Where you From: Chi- City!
Why you decide to go natural: Relaxed out of habit and just didn't know any better- now I do.

Three things you notice about your new natural hair
: No dandruff, protein is my friend in small increments, it's cute as hell.

:Fave tv show Too many but ABC is my fav network. Music: Love all genres.
Give a compliment to: nappycurl crown, she keeps it 100%.
Something extra: My headphones are rarely off.
Favorite web site(s), youtube videos of a lot of our curlie friends
Favorite products: Water; YTC C is for Conditioner; Lustrasilk Right on Curl and Lustrasilk Styling Gel; KCKT and KCCC; Dr. Bronner's Castille soap; Herbal Infusions Hair Mayonnaise;
Favorite home recipe: 50:50 Water:Glycerin Spritz for moisturizing; Dr. Bronner's Castille Soap, Water, and Olive Oil for a low poo
Favorite style: I'm finally getting enough length to do a few finger coils with the Wash N Go
Where you From: North Carolina (Southern Part of Heaven)
Why you decide to go natural: Always knew I was going to go back natural for the 3rd and final time as I love my natural tresses, but for some strange reason I was waiting for the big 50 before doing it. Well, last year, about 2 1/2 years ahead of schedule, decided to go ahead and do it now as one way to cut costs and so happy I went ahead instead of waiting. Started back relaxing both times primarily due to hairdressers. That won't be happening this time.

Three things you notice about you new natural hair: My hair seems to hate shea butter whether unrefined or as part of a product, hates most ubber cheap products (didn't like them when I was relaxed either), and I've gotten way more compliments with it natural than when I was relaxed.

EXtra:Fave tv show House

Music: Love most generes of music but for sitting and just listening to my favs are jazz and classical
Last Relaxer: 09/19/08
BC: 01/30/09
Misc: 1st time going natural was '94-'98; 2nd time - '99-2003; This time I will not go back to relaxers.

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Favorite web site(s):Still new to the hair sites but I like this one so far
Favorite products: KCCC and so far I'm also liking coconut oil. I'm still trying to find the right shea butter mix I think I also need to switch my conditioner from VO5
Favorite home recipe:Don't have any
Favorite style: flat twist outs
Where you From: Chi Town Baby
Why you decide to go natural: I went natural in my earlier 20's and wore my hair natural for about 3 years and it got so long and I started getting frustrated so I permed but I immediately regretted it, so now I'm educating myself on hair and taking the time to see what my hair likes I love it in it's natural state it feels so healthy and when it was permed it felt very flat and lifeless

Three things you notice about you new natural hair: It's not as course as I thought it would be, it is very temperamental it likes something one day then the next it doesn't...

EXtra:Fave tv showReal Housewives

Music: R&B!!! Hip Hop some jazz and pop...
Favorite web site(s):naturallycurly, napturallity, motowngirl, longhairforum (just read)
Favorite products: listed in siggie
Favorite home recipe: my hibiscus spray
Favorite style: TWA (all I can do for now )
Where you From: Virginia
Why you decide to go natural: tired of putting crappy chemicals in my head, scalp issues
Three things you notice about you new natural hair: different textures, curl patterns
EXtra:Fave tv show CSI Miami, House Music: Neo Soul, R&B especially the oldies
Give a compliment to: SBB, she always has great hair advice, has tried almost every product I am interested in and shares so freely .
Something extra: I am a PJ, just tried Qhemet's Burdock Root Cream
LOIS (OS); cottony, TYPE 4 hair, fine/med strands; no cones bcz my hair hates them; last relaxer '98; now low porosity, ignores most natural hair rules; BC #8

faves: suave, v05 shampoo, conditioner (my own), raw shea butter, castor oil, peanut oil, aloe juice
Favorite web site(s):naturallycurly,,,,,
Favorite products: Right now Hairveda whipped cream, Nadia Seyani butter, Organix shampoo, amla, henna, indigo, neem powder
Favorite home recipe: Right now I mix my Hairveda protein conditioner with sheabutter, almond butter and mango butter for some serious moisture
Favorite style: Rollersetting my natural hair
Where you From: Born in the Dom Republic, but live in Massachusetts
Why you decide to go natural: I never liked my relaxed hair and I always wanted to go back to my natural hair.
Three things you notice about you new natural hair: It tells ME what to do, it loves protein, it also loves butters.
Fave tv show
Lost, Heroes, Ugly Betty
: Neo Soul, R&B from the 80's and 90's, Middle Eastern music (for bellydancing) and House music
Give a compliment to: SBB! For helping me for the past 2 years. I also wanted to say LadyDancing who helped me transition back in 07 but she doesn't post here anymore.
Something extra: I love rollerblading. I don't do it very often, but I love it.
- Maria

Big Chop: 9/23/07
Relaxer free for almost 5 years!

Favorite web site(s),, Long Hair Care Forum,fotkis,so many blogs I have bookmarked
Favorite products: KCCC, Theraneem Max. strength neem soap, Theraneem gel, Curl Junkie H&B deep fix, John Masters Organics Citrus/Neroli detangler, Robert Craig Condish, Devacurl Set It Free, shea butter, Deva Blonde OneC, Abba Nourishing, KBB Hair Nectar, baobab oil.
Favorite home recipe: coconut cream "relaxer", clay hair mask
Favorite style: Down and out on Day 2
Where you From: Massachusetts
Why you decide to go natural: Curiousity, faith, desire to know more about myself and be who I am.

Three things you notice about your natural hair:
It's not new, I'm 2- 1/2 years out from my all natural date. Well, my new gray hair is a little coarser than the dyed stuff. It's very versatile, can go straight or curly. It's sensual. People like it. I don't get "you need to do a deep treatment" from my hairdresser. I used to get that all.the.time! until I discovered this website. Hair is in very good shape even though it's fragile.
EXtra:Fave tv show The Unit, NCIS, Leverage, The Mentalist Music: I really enjoy listening to Emerson College radio on Saturday's - showtunes, a capella, then a show called The Playground - kid-friendly popular music. I also love classical.
Give a compliment to: Jada1111, EccentricKurls, Spiral-NC, Natakue, MissMonie, Trenell, WebJockey and so many more of my hair inspirations. Shout out to my local curly buddies, MariaG002, Nurse98 and Masscurly. To all the wonderful newly natural women who come on here, transition and BC, and who totally rock their hair.
Something extra: I love movement and energy - jazz dance, jazz hiphop, burlesque and want to do more of it. May take a martial arts class.

She should write a review book: "Naturals, don't go shopping for your hair without ME".
I love this idea - thanks!
Give a compliment to: nappycurl crown, she keeps it 100%
that she does; love her posts!
My blog -

Playing with my hair is a hobby. Fluffy, fine natural 4a. Goal= Healthy, beautiful hair that retains its length.
Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.

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I'm new here, so it would be nice to get to know some of the natural ladies here...

Favorite web site(s):Still learning the sites, but I like this one so far... I'll check the others that seem to be favs
Favorite products: Qhem Biologics (Bless her)
Favorite home recipe: Still searching...
Favorite style: My Wash and Go Fro!
Where you From: The City of Wind!
Why you decide to go natural: Had been regretting not sticking to it the first time around. Just really wanted the freedom again and was tired of the burns from CFCs at the back of my head at each touch up.

Three things you notice about you new natural hair: my baby hair edges are BACK!, demands moisture, looks great!

EXtra:Fave tv show Sci-Fi: Stargate & Star Trek series
: Jazz, Ol' Skool Hip Hop, House, Instrumentals
Give a compliment to: everyone who has been sharing their knowledge and their beautiful hair pics.. you all are gorgeous!
Something extra: I love to travel, love to dance, love to write...
Favorite web site(s): nc, fotki, curlynikki, lhcf
Favorite products: Kinky-Curly, Giovanni, Jessicurl
Favorite home recipe: hmm... have yet to come up with that.
Favorite style: wash and go
Where you From: the big apple
Why you decide to go natural: I just got sick of the relaxer and decided my hair needed a break. as in a permanent one cuz now I ain't goin back!
Three things you notice about you new natural hair: gets dry pretty easily, strong, it's so freaking curly!!

EXtra:Fave tv show ah I don't really have a favorite. although I really like degrassi, lol!!
Music: mostly rock, drum and bass
Give a compliment to: everyone! I love everyone's positivity towards their hair and all the wonderful advice.
Something extra: I play the violin.
Last relaxer: Feb. 2008
Big Chop:
Jan. 2009
Favorite web site(s), Curly Nikki's site
Favorite products: BB Herbal Reconditioner, KBB Butter and Cream, AV Gel
Favorite home recipe: I don't like to cook ANYTHING
Favorite style: twistout
Where you From: Motor City
Why you decide to go natural: Curious about my own texture, wasn't getting what I wanted from my relaxer
Three things you notice about you new natural hair: n/a--it's far from new
Fave tv show: I don't like to miss Damages, Heroes, or Breaking Bad; already missing RuPaul's Drag Race
: R&B, Pop
Give a compliment to: everyone sharing all their knowledge with visual aids be they photo or video
layer cake of tight, spongy and silky/thready S strands that kink more than they coil
spiced with a few spiral coils and non-curling waves
mostly medium and fine with a sprinkle of coarse strands
protein is yummy
Favorite web site(s),,
Favorite products: KCCC, KCKT, Fantasia IC gel, CBSS WSHP, CD Tui Leave In, Hairveda Whipped Shea-Aloe
Favorite home recipe: I don't have one yet. I'm not very good at mixing things
Favorite style: My TWA, that's all I have so far, but I love to pull it up into a semi-puff to hide the mullet
Where you From: North Carolina -- Southern girl and proud of it!!
Why you decide to go natural: I was tired of conforming to society's idea of beauty. I wanted to be me!
Three things you notice about you new natural hair: It really is curly, it's very tempermental, and it craves moisture
EXtra:Fave tv show Grey's Anatomy
Music: Old school R&B
Give a compliment to: Everyone on this site, but especially SBB because she has answered every single question I have posted, even in the transitioning forum. Every lady on this website gets a compliment because you guys have offered so much advice and support. Because of you guys I rock my TWA with pride and I KNOW I am fierce!
Something extra: I just fell in love with exercising and I feel myself becoming a yoga fanatic. I love photography and painting (even though I may not be very good at either), they just make me happy. I just got engaged and I am trying to plan a destination wedding. LORD HELP ME!!!
"Don't remove the kinks from your hair, Remove them from your brain." -Marcus Garvey
3c-4a, needs MOISTURE
Last Relaxer: Sept. 6, 2008

Favorite web site(s);;;;
Favorite products: Varies, lol. Elucence MB Conditioner, Aveda Be Curly Conditioner, Hello Hydration conditioner, Grapeseed and Sesame Oil, Water, lol
Favorite home recipe: Deep Conditioner: Mix Giovanni Deep Moisture conditioner, coconut milk, coconut oil, shea butter, honey (if its not too cold out), Elucence conditioner
Favorite style: Wash and go puff, curls gon' wild (wash and go, no manipulation)
Where you From: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (In Chicago now)
Why you decide to go natural: Tired of... looking like everyone else, trying to get my hair to do something it wasn't meant to do, sitting in hair shops all the time, wasting money, losing length, not being proud of who I am without chemicals.. I felt like the hair version of Michael jackson.

Three things you notice about you new natural hair: Scalp is healthier, hair is more versatile, less maintenance is required

Fave tv show The Office/Scrubs/South Park,
Music: I like a variety of music, mostly Caribbean and indie, I don't like commerical music
Give a compliment to: Subbrock, hair is amazing!!
Something extra: I love music, I consider myself a humanitarian, I play videogames, I won't dress up because society tells me I should, Hugo Chavez is one of my heros, I don't think socialism is a bad thing, I love to cook, I wish I could take in miguided children and teach them it's okay to be kids,I am addicted to hair like everyone else here, I love being Dominican, I like to drive fast, I'm not religious nor am I spiritual, my motto in life is simple.. take care of others the way you would want to be taken care of..

LOL, that was fun!
BC: May 2008
Hair Type:
3C/4A mix I think
Not Updated D:


Favorite web site(s), and,,,, FOTKI
Favorite products: Jessicurl WDT, DevaCare One, Yes to Cucumbers, KBB SuperSilky, Henna, Amla, Indigo
Favorite home recipe: Coffee treatment (thanks Fleurzty) and Ayuvedic washes and rinses.
Favorite style: Wash N Go on the weekends, during the week twist out puff
Where you From: DC
Why you decide to go natural: The 2nd time because I was tired of not being sure of myself. I needed to love me just the way God made me.
Three things you notice about you new natural hair: less breakage, more mangeable, hair actually curls
EXtra:Fave tv show House, CSI Miami, Music: Everything literally ☺.
Give a compliment to: Fleurzty, CurlyNikki, NappyCurly Crown, SBB, Maria, and all the ladies at Thank you for being supportive and postive even when I didn’t feel “pretty”. You ladies are AWESOME.
Something extra: I have 2 wonderful puppies (Coco and Midnight) that I absolutely adore
Favorite web site(s),,maneandchic and various fotkis
Favorite products: Dr. Bonner's almond castile soap, AOHSR, and KBB hair milk
Favorite home recipe: Herbal hair rinses
Favorite style: Rollersets and wash n goes
Where you From: New York (currently reside in Philly)
Why you decide to go natural: Why not?
Three things you notice about you new natural hair: Nothing new but I did forget for a while that my hair likes the simple life, to be clean and left alone. A pj I cannot be.
Fave tv show More like channels: HGTV, FLN, History and Discovery
Music: Blues, Jazz, Big Band, and ol' skool r & b (before the 80's)
Give a compliment to: Everyone, you ladies are awesome. I love the camaraderie and the advice.
Something extra: I'm a lurker and I believe this is my first post. Though I like sitting on the sidelines, I really would like all of you to know how beautiful and special you are.
Favorite web site:,,,but imma have to check out some of these other ones
Favorite products: water(which I never thought would be my friend), Sheamoisture LI, TJ Nourish spa
Favorite home recipe: Castor oil, aloe vera juice, jojoba oil, conditioner, and water spritz
Favorite style: Puff
Where you From: LA, but live in WA
Why you decide to go natural: I am hair challenged, I didn't have a clue about how to do my hair except put it in a ponytail. I pressed and flat ironed all the time, and my hair was long and somewhat healthy. But when I moved to WA, having rain 9mo out of the year was not helping. I was having to apply heat so much, and I was not as experienced as my mother with a hot comb. So I permed all of 3 times, and after most of it broke I decided to find a way to take care of my hair without chemicals and heat.
Three things you notice about you new natural hair: Being natural takes alot of work, that the natural me is the best me, and that the whole time my hair was trying to tell me that my products were garbage, and I wouldn't listen
Fave tv show LOST! (I even named my kid Sayyid), and scrubs
Music: Neo-soul, jazz(but we listen to some of everything in my house)
Give a compliment to: All of the ladies on this site. I mostly lurk because I'm a bit shy, but I feel welcome here and that means a lot
Last perm 8/07, big chop 5/08, several mini chops since
Fine, medium density, low porosity. PJ in recovery
Current loves:Tressemme Nats, AO GPB, One and Only Argan Oil Hydrating Mask, Alba Botanicals Leave-in, KCKT, Qhemet BRBC & OHHB, Terresentials Mud Wash, Trader Joes Nourish Spa
"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Gandhi
Favorite web site(s):naturallycurly,,
Favorite products: Hello Hydration, amla, henna, red palm oil
Favorite home recipe: I mix some conditioner and red palm oil and it really softens my hair and gives it shine
Favorite style: Flat twists
Where you From: St. Louis, but mainly Washington State
Why you decide to go natural: My thyroid went crazy and my hair fell out. I ended any and all damaging things in order to nurse it back from the brink of baldiness
Three things you notice about you new natural hair: It loves moisture, my curl pattern is different due to thyroid, protein sensitive
Fave tv show
Fringe, Golden Girls
: You name it I like it. But faves are Rock, alternative, soul(R&B) and old school rap
Give a compliment to: Fleurtzy & CurlyNikki because I have been reading all their posts and getting tons of information
Something extra: I love baking, I am gluten intolerant but bake anyway for family. It relaxes me
Favorite web site(s):Naturallycurly, curlynikki, glorycrown, maneandchic, spicedhoney, blackgirlwithlonghair, thecoarsehairdiaries.
Favorite products: Organix shampoo, AOHSR conditioner, Giovanni Direct Leave-In, ORS deep conditioner
Favorite home recipe: EVOO and honey as a pre-poo
Favorite style: flexirod sets
Where you From: Atl
Why you decided to go natural: I was tired of the chemicals drying my scalp and the occasional scalp sores. I am also curious to see what my natural hair looks like.

Three things you notice about your new natural hair: My hair is softer now and I haven't had one problem with dry, scaly scalp since.
EXtra:Fave tv show Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Keeping Up With Kardashians(don't judge me. lol) Music: R&B/Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, Electronic Pop, old school disco/funk, etc.

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