Neem Oil

Man Neem oil really does stink to high heaven. I'm waiting until my braids come out to use it bc the smell really penetrates and sticks around. I'm planning on using it as a prepoo so I can wash it out after a while

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I purchased a bottle three weeks ago for my daughter's eczema. She recently had a break out so I decided to try neem oil. Oh my goodness, that smell!! I only used 4 drops on her torso and I nearly vomitted! I honestly felt so guilty for putting it on her. I followed with jojoba oil which of course does not mask the smell, but I noticed that the smell fainted after a few hours. Glad hubby wasn't home, otherwise he would have made me give her another bath. I haven't used it since. Madhuri, I will mix it with lavendar oil next time. Hopefully this will help her. Thanks ladies!

Luvs Neem Oil. I mix it in homemade salves for my kids ezcema, works wonders. I also use it in pre-poos, works wonders. But, oh my, yeah, that stank. I mask it with Rosemary, Lavendar, or Lemongrass EOs or an EO mix. Or, sometimes I add Neem Oil to butter blends and mixes that have cocoa butter or cocoa powder. I've also mixed tiny amount in AOHR and followed with a good smelling shampoo without the Neem stank overwhelming my hair. Also, I don't use much, well, only if I know that whatever I'm going to do to my head or body later, such as shampooing, will result in a much more pleasant scent down the line, lol.

Like others mentioned, Neem Powder= no stank, and also making tea from dry Neem Leaves = no stank. Powder also great for face mask mixture if you're combating acne or oily skin.
Originally Posted by madhuri_dixit_fan
I recieved my neem oil last Saturday night. It was cold outside so all my oils and butters were kind of hard. I was anxious to see how everything smelled and I sniffed everything and then when I got to the neem oil, it smelled garlic-y. To be honest, I am afraid to open it again because it is not frozen solid anymore and you know what happens when something that smelled stank cold gets warm. I guess I am expecting the So this oil is supposed to be good for hair growth? I am waiting on my peppermint and lavendar essential oils still so I cant bring myself to open it until then
I love neem oil and yes it smells just awful. I mix mine with aloe, black soap, and tea tree oil. I wash my scalp only with it and it is just great. I think because the amount of neem I use I never have any residual smell in my hair. I think I use maybe 1/2 ounce to 3 oz black soap and aloe combined with maybe 2 or 3 drops of tea tree oil.

I must say I used to have itchy scalp or a dry scalp and since I use neem oil mix no scalp issues at all and I swear my hair grows in stronger but that could be wishful thinking.
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The thing I've found works the best for neem stink is adding an EO blend of 3 parts chamomile to 1 part grapefruit. I use neem for my skin as well as my hair and the two oils are good for the scalp as well. I like the auria cacia brand since the chamomile is carried in jojoba. It doesn't take a lot to help, maybe 20 drops for a 1 ounce neem bottle. It will never smell GOOD but it is not unpleasant, citrusy and calming with a slightly medicine-y base note. It almost totally masks the rotted garlic and peanut butter smell I find in the pure neem.
PS Neem oil is an essential oil like tea tree or others, and the essential oil will ALWAYS have a smell many many times stronger than fresh plant parts. Think of the difference between rose absolute and dried rose petals. I used neem leaf powder and it tastes like rotted grass, totally different than neem oil. The thing is, a lot of times the chemicals that give off the smell are the same ones that do the amazing things, so often the stronger the smell the more potent the effects. Sad but true.

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