Cinnamon on hair

Have you all heard of cinnamon being used on hair? I heard that if it is mixed with honey and olive oil, it helps with hair growth. I don't know how true this is. If any of you use cinnamon on your hair, how has it worked for you?
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I've heard of clove oil being used for hair growth, I have both & they smell kind of similar. . . I'd like to try cinnamon. I've read it has "warming" and "stimulant" characteristics, so it should work. I've heard both of them can have a slight irritant effect, but that also stimulates a flow of blood to the affected area, which is good for growth.

ive heard it enhances red tones
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started following the CG method on August 3, 2009, & its already workin
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*contains Amodimethicone, trying to find something to get rid of the damn ingredient.
Clove oil: burn reallly badly. I will never put it on my hair, i've seen it melt plastic. I've seen it listed on the ingredients of a few products, but dont know the benefits for the hair.

Cinnamon: burns as well. I used it on my hair today, mainly cause my scalp wouldnt stop itching. Mixed it with honey, water, and a tad bit of oil and warmed it up on low heat, till it was hot and let it cool off before applying to damp hair.

my scalp doesnt itch, my hair has a definately has a red tone to it. sooo i'm luvin it
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I bought cinnamon eo and some jojoba oil for my MIL, and she massaged it onto her scalp daily and said her new growth was thick!! She relaxed and said she had to do it more often because her hair was growing faster than usual.
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I have cinnamon oil and powder. I may try this. How long does it take to see results from this on average?

Do you apply it everyday?
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