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Hi ladies, I was writing a post about this wash and go updo I did this morning, and I thought of posting it here as well and sharing more hair styles here. We talk about hair care a lot, but share very little on styles (unless I completely missed the posts).

I'll start! Here are 2 updos that I've done with instructions. They are fairly easy to achieve.

Wash and go Updo

Here’s what I did:
- I misted (literally) my hair this morning. My hair was not damp or wet, just misted (if that makes sense).
- Leave the top and front sections out. They will form your tendrils.
- Gather the back of your hair in a medium or large hair clipdepending on hair volume and length. I used a large clip.
- Use some of the loose hair at the top to cover the clip. Use your hair pins to keep the hair in place.
- Play with the front section to get the hair looking its best. I did not use a part this morning. You can’t see any separation for the front or back areas.

Twist Updo

Here's my video showing how I did the twist updo:

So go ahead ladies, share your styles with instructions for us.
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My blog :

WOW thats sooo pretty! I dont have any hairstyles to share right now but I wanted to say that is beautiful and keep the pics coming!

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Type 4a thick hair updated March 2010

Great idea Fleurzty! I love your twist updo! I do hope to see more posts and threads on styles so we can share and learn

- My first style is a low updo done on hair that had been flat twisted then released. I just positioned all of the hair downward, then rolled the base upward and inward. I then secured with jumbo bobby pins.
- My second style is a regular twistout updo. I twirled my hair once around, then french rolled it all the way in, leaving the ends out. I then secured with regular sized bobby pins.

I use whipped shea butter on damp hair for hold in all of my styles, and rub a pomade on my hands (jane carter or kbb hair cream) while unraveling it to add sheen.
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Hair Wellness Style Blog

Routine: Cleanse Kenra Clarifying, Deep Co with Matrix Biolage Balm + oil (EVOO, avocado, KCPP or Wild Growth oil),Style with Matrix Biolage Balm + KCPP; or Aloe water + KCPP + KCCC; or CR Almond Jai + styler (KCCC, KCPP or Treluxe Hi Def gel); or Treluxe combo (Treluxe UK leave-in, KCPP, Treluxe Hi Def gel); or Eco gel alone (Argan or Olive). Avoiding Buildup with low glycerin, coconut, shea, honey, non-keratin protein.

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If you check my fotki I have an album for simple styles. My fotki link is in the sig.

I think many of us are past the "what curl type am I" stage so we need some more intermediate/advanced info about our hair, and I think styling is part of that. That being said, the styles I've learned are mostly from other naturals found on the web and youtube.

So far my style repertoire consists of wash-n-go, bun, puff, twisted crown, flat twists (on a good day, but I don't have pix of this one).

Edit: oh, and two pony tails too..
"The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everybody else."
"...rationality is not necessary to sell things.."
My staples: Mane n Tail (cowash), Garnier Fructis Sleek n Shine (leave in condish), Grapeseed oil or shea butter (sealing), Organic Root Stimulator Elasticitea (leave-in condish & light hold)

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I really like the challa updo. It is so neat! I'll try it in the near future.
My blog :

I really like the challa updo. It is so neat! I'll try it in the near future.
Originally Posted by Fleurzty
Thanks Fleurtzy, but I can't take the credit for the style.. Crownofhisglory is definitely a hair inspiration with all her creativity.
"The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everybody else."
"...rationality is not necessary to sell things.."
My staples: Mane n Tail (cowash), Garnier Fructis Sleek n Shine (leave in condish), Grapeseed oil or shea butter (sealing), Organic Root Stimulator Elasticitea (leave-in condish & light hold)
Paraty, love the second picture. That's a gorgeous updo!

This is something I did for the first time today. I had my hand in my hair all day so needless to say it looked better this morning LOL

I did Fleurzty's sheabutter recipe (didn't come out as wonderful as hers ) and used it as a deep conditioner. I then detangled my hair and did one braided ponytail. I woke up and my hair was dry and very moist because of the sheabutter. I slapped on a headband and just unbraided my hair and left it down.
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- Maria

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Bumping... I would love to see more hairstyles!

"Shrinkage is only your hair trying to get closer to you...embrace it."
O, medium/course, spongy, mass of beautiful curly hair

pswd rawks
Bump! I know somebody has a fly doo to share..

I've been perfecting a bantu knot twist-out over the past couple weeks! Refreshing them 2x a week..
On HE HH co wash
I used Dr.Mircle pomade,
ampro alchol-free gel (for my relaxed ends),
And a spritzer made of water and leave in cond.

Beauty In Kinks #704
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My go to styles for summer before I cut my hair were roll and tuck mohawks and goddress braids (no pictures though, I spent most of summer behind cameras)

You can see more updos I did for my 7 Updos, 7 Days challenge here.

Last relaxer: August 2008
Big Chop: December 2008/January 2009

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1st pic if my faux bun I made by wrapping some curly braiding hair around my little piece of ponytail and bobby pinning it in place since I cut my hair and it's not long enough for a bun itself

2nd is just the regular daily do since my cut, sides slicked back with a flower.

3rd pic just added a part and slicked the front down and added a headband I like how it makes my hair look like it's kind of in a curly ponytail.

4th is before I cut the sides and back of my hair down, just a wash and go with the sides pinned up.

5th was a protective style I did b4 I big chopped, flat twists in the front and curly braiding hair crocheted into the back.
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Another faux bun I did while transitioning
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