To the ladies who use Anita Grant

I bought some from another natural, how do you use this effectively?
I just bought some for the first time. I bought the creamy cafe latte, Sapote oil, watermelon oil, Rhassoul conditioners, whipped cream, andiroba oil, and the saptote and coconut pomade.

I love the sapote oil. I use this to seal my hair. I tried the whipped cream. it is very light and fluffy but my hair doesn't seem to like butters period. I tried to use this as a moisturizer on dry hair at night. I cna use the creamy cafe latte as a sealer after I applied my product or as a mositurizer on dry hair. The pomade doesn't do much for me I thought it would help with day 2 halo frizz and added shine but My Asha sun kissed pomade works better for me. I have not tried the conditioner yet or my other oils.

I will be ordering the Sapote oil again in the largest size available. It is a thick creamy oil. It is not a thick as castor oil and it is not as sticky. it is like a slightly heavier coconut oil. The smell does leave something to be desired but it dissapates shortly after.

It leave my hair mositurizer and shiny and soft.
For me her stuff is not a patch on Qhemet Biologics - My hair seems to be a fan of creams. AG cafe latte and whipped pudding are gathering dust in my bathroom. They left my hair feeling un-moisturised, coated and yet greasy.

The rhassoul worked one time but the organic sapote is her best product for sealing moisture and her lip balms are amazing.
I used the Cafe Latte to do twist they came out very soft and shiny I love that stuff
I bought the whipped cream & cafe latte. I use either on dry hair at night as a moisterizer. It doesn't really work for my WNGs or twists

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