Spongy Hair Question

A friend of mine has soft, spongy-like hair without a definite curl pattern. She has a relaxer in her hair, but it still draws up with humidity or anytime she sweats, etc. She says this is what is stopping her from going natural, because she cannot control her hair or make it "stay down". She has the type of hair that straightens easily. I am confused as to why she relaxes if it is going to draw up anyway when she goes out into the heat. Do you guys have any product/styling suggestions? I think she could really benefit from going natural, of course.
I would suggest she go natural too. I had that problem when I relaxed. My hair was never straight like most people's, it was like I had a permed fro.
I would still kind of shrink up in humidity and wet weather. When I would come out of the salon, within the hour, I would look like I needed a touch up. And when my mom would send me to a "real professionalist" that would get my hair straight, it would look great for about 2 weeks, then my hair would fall out.
She may find that her hair is easier to manage natural. Mine is.
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Do you have any product suggestions for the humidity?
Maybe she should try some porosity control. When I had problems like that it was because my hair was porous.

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Do you have any product suggestions for the humidity?
Originally Posted by Lorraine09
maybe some oil sheen would help. My permed hair used to frizz up without a nice dose of oil sheen every morning (and a cap!)

But Olive Oil oil sheen was nice and light and perfect for my head.
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Do you have any product suggestions for the humidity?
Originally Posted by Lorraine09
kiss your face uppermanagement hair gel is great for twist outs/ braid outs when used over a leave in and/or butter...

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