How to care for roller sets at night and keep them from smooshing flat

Hi! I am transitioning and am about 3 months into the process. I decided to roller set my hair as a protective style. But I have no clue how to keep these curls from going flat at night when I sleep. They always lose their shape and look smooshed the next day. I would like to keep this style for at least 3 days. Any advice on how to pin my hair at night to keep it protected???
Pin curls (bobby-pinning the curls flat to your head)? I've never done them myself but I think there are some videos on youtube about maintaining rollersets with pin curls.
You can either:
  • Do pincurls as the person above me suggested. This will give you nice bounce hair with waves.
  • Do a "doobie" before going to bed
  • Do a very high ponytail or pineapple. Think I Dream Of Genie hair LOL
  • Buy soft rollers and put a few on your hair, especially the middle and bottom.
You can find tutorials on Youtube. It'll be much easier to watch that then to have us explain it.
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i agree with mariag002 (after all - she is the queen of the roller set). I suggest you try a very high ponytail - then try placing a roller at the ends to try and retain the curl.

Hope that helps.
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