Good Conditioners at Whole Foods?

Does anyone know of any good conditioners at Whole Foods other than Aubrey Organics or Knot Today. I'm looking for all kinds--leave-ins, wash outs, deep conditioners. What would you recommend I pick up?
If you like giovanni, I have seen the smooth as silk conditioner there, when I tried it it did detangle while it was in but after rinsing it did not leave me with enough moisture. the other cool thing is that it uses veggie protein which I know a lot of people on you tube seem to enjoy.

I have also heard really good things about 365 botanical conditioner - have not tried it yet but for like $2 I am sure I will pick it up soon.
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Natures Gate Hemp Conditioner is really good and under $10

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Natures Gate Hemp Conditioner is really good and under $10
Originally Posted by Cammyb

I also enjoyed the 365 herbal mint condish
Detangling rinseouts: John Masters Organics Citrus & Neroli conditioner - superb. EO conditioners are on sale (2.50 off!) at WF. I just picked up the Rose & Chamomile Nourishing conditioner. Haven't tried it yet.

Leave in - Beauty Without Cruelty makes a nice leave in. Many like Giovanni DLI if you can tolerate soy protein.
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natures gate jojoba works for me as both a rinse out and leave in. I like it better as a leave in though.
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Rinse out- Natures gate hemp, GSAS
Leave in- GDLI, Beautiful Curls Curl Activating Leave in
DT- Still working on that
Styler- Ecostyler Crystal, Queen Helene Royal Curl Creme
Sealer- castor, Shea butter,jojoba oil

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+1 for the nature's gate jojoba
I like my gels light, my oils heavy, my conditioners thick, and my curls long...
I like Giovanni DLI and Hair Fix Reconstructor. I use WF brand conditioner as well but not regularly. Its hella cheap but not as moisturizing as Giovanni. I tend to use it when I shampoo b/c I use WF brand shampoo.
I just bought one called Eco-Nature. The aluminum bottle is stupid. How can I get stuff out of that? What a shame becuase it's a good conditioner.
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I've tried and liked:

Whole Foods 365 Conditioner (they have samples of these if you just want to try them out).

Giovanni (Smooth as Silk, 50:50, Direct Leave-In, Nutrafix...and they have others).

John Masters Organics (extra expensive...good...but not worth the money).

They also have Jane Carter, Nature's Gate, Burt's Bees, Shikai, Avalon Organics, Alaffia, Depth (or something like that), and lots of others. I can spend all day in the hair aisle.

I just got home from a spur of the moment trip to Whole Foods ... mind you it was only my 2nd WF visit... ever... so I was sooo overwhelmed in the hair aisle I just stood there pacing back and forth reading ingredients lol wish I would have saw this thread before leaving to church this morning
I think I'm gonna go back next week after I peruse the forum some more for reviews
Been a long time... I shouldn't have left you...

Re-Visiting Old Products & Checking out some new products... Coming up with a whole new hair routine... I've neglected my sexy kinks for far too long!

I'm baaaaccckk!

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Natures Gate Hemp Conditioner is really good and under $10
Originally Posted by Cammyb

+1 Natures Gate is really good
Funny enough, I'm doing conditioner wars this weekend (washing, conditioning and air drying my hair without product) to see which one I like the best. Today I used the citrus grapefruit 365 conditioner and I do like it more than the John Masters Citrus and Neroli (and it is twice the amount and one fifth the price). I give this one a thumbs up. I also like Nature's Gate Hemp Conditioner but I haven't had a chance to enter it into the contest yet.

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