I need opinions on this possible 4B style

Hi all!

I've done it all from pressed, braids with extensions,to locs, etc., now I have a twa . My hair is tight and unless it's cut to the quick I can't get it to look neat and unkempt so I've had to use a texturizer, which I hate. The ends are super straight from the touch ups and the sides...it's a hot mess.

Personally, I'd like no chemicals so I'm thinking of growing my hair, then wearing two strand twists. But my hair has a super-tight coil. I might try blow drying my hair, then putting it into twists which, in theory, will give it a little length and smooth it out.

Anyone have thoughts on this kind of style?

Also, I need to figure out what to do until it grows out. I so don't want to get my hair braided in zillions, perhap I can get two strand extensions until mine grows out.

I'm going crazy trying to figure this out and would appreciate very much any help.
two strand twists are beautiful and you won't have to blow out before doing them. look on the 4a board. there are threads with pics of two strand twists.

as for styles to grow out you can try twisting your hair and then setting the ends on rollers to keep the straight ends in tact. you can also do roller sets or twist and curls with the bendable rollers. Braids can cuz unnecessary stress on the hair in my opinion.
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I have 4b hair, and do both 2 strand twists with fresh wet hair, and also with hair blow dried with a heat protectant. It definately smooths out the style, but what I realy like is that after taking out the twists, my texture is still there, just a bit smoother. Try it.
also try flat twists or cornrows in the front and twists/twistouts in the back. I also used satin scarves tied around my hairline and left the 'fro loose in the back. I never used a blowdryer, and had no problems
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+1 on the 2 strand twists. they last a long time and are a great protective style that you can untwist for a really unique defined style! my avatar is a 3 day old untwisted 2 strand twist style...
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