Illipe Butter ??

I was on to order some Shea Butter. (This will be my first time using it) But i read about Illipe Butter and how its really good for hair .

Illipe butter is renowned for it’s incredible moisturizing properties and its ability to restore elasticity to the skin. It is quite comparable to cocoa butter in its physical properties and composition, and is beneficial for the treatment of
• Moisturizing chronically dry skin
• Mature skin
• Sunburn
• Healing sores
• Damaged skin
• Rough skin (such as on feet)
• Mouth ulcers
• Dry or over processed hair

" beneficial for the treatment of numerous skin and hair disorders."

Just wanted to know if anyone has tried it ..
I haven't tried it but believe it's a hard butter that needs to be whipped or mixed. Mountain Rose Herbs is a great site, I love browsing their info.
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Playing with my hair is a hobby. Fluffy, fine natural 4a. Goal= Healthy, beautiful hair that retains its length.
Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
it is veeeery hard & like SBB mentioned, u def want to mix this with other butters. i ordered mine from gardenstate

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