Henna and 4B Hair

I have extremely thick course hair. My hair is a 4a/more 4b type. Has anyone with this hair type used henna and if so did it loosen the curl of your hair.

I'm in TWA stage right now but guess is my hair is half 4a half 4b. I did my first henna treatment last week and my hair did get redder but it's only noticable in the light. My curl pattern did loosen some but I've been using amla for the 2 weeks prior, which had been tightening my curls. I plan to alternate between amla and henna as I try to get more vibrant red with out loosing my curl pattern.
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I did a henna with henna I purchased from FromNatureWithLove.com and I didnt have a very good experience. The henna was not as sifted as I thought and I was left with dry hair full of herb bits and twigs. It was a mess! Next time I henna I will need to be more patient, do it in a warmer room, sift the henna and make more henna because I ran out.lol. Didnt notice any color or curl loosening effects. Hopefully I have a better experience next time.
I recently used Lush's Henna bar in Caca Noir. At first, I did not notice a big difference in the tightness of my texture. By the time my hair dried I did see a slight change. But, it's not what everyone makes it out to be. My ends curled much more and my hair did clump more. But, I was still a 4b, with more definition.

In my honest opinion, henna is a wonderful conditioning agent but I don't think it loosens hair texture. It's more of a "hair revitalizer" to me, meaning it will restore my hair to the texture I was genetically designed to have in the first place. But, I cannot see my hair going from 4b to 3c or 3b with consistent use.
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I'm pretty sure any curl loosing that happens with henna is (a) slight and (b) temporary. Otherwise, it's a great conditioning and color treatment!

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I have henna'ed every month or two since February 2009.

I've noticed a slight curl loosening but nothing dramatic.

My hair is just as kinky as before so no texture change at all.

I do feel that it makes my hair stronger and I prefer coloring with henna versus box dyes.

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I think the people that experiance the looser curl are the wavies.
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I was having breakage and did my first henna last week. I used a colorless henna and I really noticed it loosened my roots (in a good way). It really helped with the breakage, not completely but a lot better. even though I didn't use a color my light bangs turned out darker. I presume because they were porous. My hair is also very thick coarse and it feels more managable.
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@VCurls--I have very similar hair and I have had lots of fun with henna and henna mixtures. I can get good color variations depending on the ingredients I use. I have experienced stronger, thicker and shinier hair. However, I have not noticed any curl loosening.
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im not a 4b im barely even a 3b, but it did very slightly loosen my curl. the change is barely noticeable but henna is a great dt, and i use it almost weekly. i use this strange henna powder i picked up at a indian grocery store and mix it with olive oil instead of water, leave it on for 30 min and VOILA! soft healthy hair
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I'm a 4a/b and I used henna for the first time a few weeks ago. I don't thin it made any difference in my curl pattern, but I was also told that I had to do it like 4 or 5 more times to really see results.

I did henna 3 times and it loosened my texture and I'm a 4b i think... I'm experimenting with Alma now...
I've been using henna for almost a year and it's never loosened my coils. I henna my hair in twists though.

I've also never noticed that Alma's tightened my coils.
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Have any of you tried Light Mountain Henna? I'm a 4b as well...bought some of this the other day, but I haven't used it yet.
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Well, I'm 3C/4A.B and I definitely noticed loosening in the front where my curls were looser than the rest of my hair. I have since stopped. It's been a few months, but I am growing it out, because I want my natural curls back. Right now it's all floppy and stuff. Me no likey.
Well, I'm 3C/4A.B and I definitely noticed loosening in the front where my curls were looser than the rest of my hair. I have since stopped. It's been a few months, but I am growing it out, because I want my natural curls back. Right now it's all floppy and stuff. Me no likey.
Originally Posted by Hakim Nuraldin
Same here. The front of my hair is the only part that doesn't knot, coil or curl. Just pure waves. Weird, eh ?!

Oh, and also... if anyone was wondering... now when I examine a hair that may have fallen out, I notice that the part that was henna'd looks very straight, and the new growth is... very curly. However, I don't let this fool me, because it doesn't look straight on my head. I'll try to get a picture of this and show you.

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I use henna, but I space it out because I don't want the curl loosening. The last few times I have done henna glosses.

I'm currently doing the henna treatment by Ancient Sunrise, it's a kit with Henna and Indigo, it's the version of Henna for African Hair...I watched a video by MopTopMaven and she recommended adding conditioner to the henna, so I did so along with a diluted lemon juice...so I will report back on what happens when the treatment is complete...I plan on leaving the henna on for a full 24 hours and then utilize the indigo treatment for about 4-6 hours tomorrow...so I report back...but I have to say I did feel that the henna treatment itself elongated my 4B curls...so I will see...
I did a Henna for the first time a couple of days ago and have one in my hair now. I definitely noticed a loosening of the curl pattern. I think how noticeable it is may be based on your hair type. I have read that some people see more noticeable results after several applications.
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