NBD Cosmetics - any reviews?

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First Impressions:
Nectar Leave-in Conditioner. Thin silky product with ok slip. I tried it on dry hair, wet hair and damp hair. On my hair it works best on dry or damp 2nd day hair. I tried it on freshly washed/conditioned hair underneath my BS soft shea and kinky pudding and it was a disaster. My hair was so dry and brittle that at 10 pm I co-washed with Tressemme and deep conditioned and slept in my moisturizing conditioner.

Peach Coconut milk. Medium texture product with ok slip and a faint peach scent. Works best for me on dry or slightly damp 2nd day hair. Didn't play well with my stylers. Not moisturizing enough to use as a styler. For my hair, it needs more slip. Also works best when paired with the Nectar leave-in.

Egghead conditioner. Very light lotion like conditioner. It has decent slip. I was able to detangle my hair with it. As I was applying it, my hair felt like sandpaper. When I rinsed it out, my hair dry and brittle. It says to leave it on 5-10 minutes. I got busy and left it on for 25 minutes. Perhaps that was too long as it is marketed as an intense protein conditioner. Also I shampooed my hair before using it. Next time I will use it after co-washing and only leave it on for 10 minutes max before completely dismissing it.

All in all, first impressions. These are light products maybe more suited for normal undamaged hair. Not sure if they are for me, but I'll give them several more tries after I get a major hair cut to get rid of my damaged ends. I'll put them aside for later use. Perhaps they are best for summer hair.

BTW , the scents are faint. I do smell the fenugreek and black seed oil.
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Curl Magic Styling Cream
Curl Magic Cleansing Conditioner
Curl Magic Styling Cream

New products

Natural Hair Skin and More by nbdcosmetics on Etsy
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She has a giveaway on facebook

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^ I saw that but I just went ahead and bought them lol
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Let me know how they work!!!
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