Topical hair growth aids???

Have you tried them? Were they successful? What do you think about them?
I have heard of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Cayanne pepper. I am considering trying this one myself
I am almost ashamed to admit but yes I've tried them. I've used MN, I've put cayenne pepper in my oil,(you're supposed to warm it so that the capasacin in the pepper can fuse with the oil. I didn't do that.) I've also put powdered MSM in my hair spritz. I used henna and other ayurvedic powders with the hope that they too would help grow my hair. I've also resorted to pill poping. I've taken MSM, fish oil, chlorella, and hair vitamins.

I have never been consistent with any of them (longer than 3 weeks) but from what I'm am learning now, I just need to leave my hair alone and keep it moisturized. The topical growth aids have done nothing but make my scalp itch. Apparently my scalp doesn't like to be oiled.
Yes I have as well. Two years ago I used the barry fletcher conditioner and had a patch in my hair fall out. I was never sure if it was the conditioner or stress, but I never used the conditioner again and it never happened again. Anyway, I used Nixion and it made my hair grow back in that one spot really fast.

In the past I never cared about how long my hair was and when I wanted long hair I would wear a wig. However recently I want my hair beyond my shoulders and have been considering trying things like Mega Tek. I also use emu oil not sure if it makes hair grow or not but my scalp is never dry and even though I suffer from dry skin I have not had a single dry patch so maybe my hair will grow.
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I use castor oil, hair nourishment oil (komaza) and my daily leave-in has MSM in it. I had two spots above my temples that were thin due to years of pony tails, relaxers, hair dye, etc...and since I have BC'ed I've noticed they've been growing in. Not sure if it's the oils/MSM or the fact that my hair is barely manipulated now. Also, with growth supplements and stuff, I read that it's supposed to take a few months for them to be effective. I don't think they can hurt though, so I don't mind using them. Scalp massages are supposed to work as well. The below pic was taken right after I BC'ed, and my avatar pic is from a couple of days ago...the front is definitely longer (well to me, at least!)!

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I like Bee Mine Serum. It stopped my shedding and if possible thickened my strands up more. I also like Sweet Natures Follicle Stimulator.

I'm currently using Claudes gro elixir. Doesn't smell too strong at all
i tried boundless tresses for like 9 months, but for most of that time my hair was in twists. my hair seems to be growing at the same rate or faster now that i exercise almost daily. my whole life i have drank insane amounts of water, so i can't really say that the boundless tresses was the sole cause of my hair growth.
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@ellepixie it is longer in the front before you know it it will look like this
I used MN when I was relaxed and I got about 1.5 inches in a month (my normal growth is .75 inches). I only used it that one month though because I didn't know how to stretch between relaxers and that much new growth was too much for me to handle. I gave the rest to my sister who is normally a slow grower. She used it and experienced a growth spurt, but she is a college student and couldn't afford to keep up with the expense.

I recently started taking MSM with my vitamins everyday. Haven't noticed a difference, yet, but it's only been two weeks.
I use to use MTG, Surge Plus 14, and tons of other stuff some years ago when I was relaxed. Now I just take a hair vitamin, I don't put anything on my scalp.

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what is MN?
Originally Posted by CocoT
It is miconazole nitrate, an anti-fungal used to cure athlete's foot, ringworm, and yeast infections, among other things. Somewhere along the way, people started using it for hair growth. There is some debate as to whether it works or not.
Here is a link to LHCF where they discuss it:

This one actually has comparison pics and recipes:

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I use herb infused hair oils and I have seen a difference in my hair; not just in terms of growth but also condition.
I did the cayanne pepper with olive oil 3 days in a row and got 1/16 of a inch of hair growth =)


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The most I've ever done was oil and massage my scalp with castor oil mixed with a little jojoba every other day.

I don't know if its helped with growth, but it does keep my scalp from getting to dry and itching before wash day, but I heard a lot of good results from people who do it faithfully.
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Have you tried them? Were they successful? What do you think about them?
I have heard of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Cayanne pepper. I am considering trying this one myself
Originally Posted by CocoT
You know my weapon. Plant poo!

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i used the bee mine serum for about three-four months regularly and i feel that it improved my growth. but 2/4 of those months i also had my hair in braids so i'm not completely sure which of the two was really behind the growth/retention.

but i would recommend the serum just because it smells nice to me (not overwhelmingly like sulfur) and it lasts a while.

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