How do you use coconut oil?

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about the castor oil i mentioned earlier, be careful b/c that oil is thickkk.
do you guys melt it first? or grab a chunk and rub it till it melts? when I do the second, i get white pits in my hair. I was wondering if it melts so much and stays melted is that bad for it?
i melt it in my hands and rub it over my hair, before a leave in and after i apply gel, i also use it to remove makeup...its wonderful.. now my husband uses it on his hair and he uses shea butter after he shaves..i also put a little on my daughters hair and it makes it so soft
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Ok I know this thread is a little old, but I just needed to thank yall for the coconut oil info. I had used it a long time ago in my son's 4a hair but I felt like it didn't do anything good for him at all, so I quit. But after reading your experiences I realized that I was probably using too much and not balancing it with other moisturizers. So...I decided to go back to the drawing board with it. After low pooing and conditioning, I put a little bit of the coconut oil on top of the leave-in. I am loving the results! I think I will still work on the exact amount and method a little, but I definitely see the possibilities!

I also decided to use some on my 2 daughters' hair. They have much finer hair than my son, and range from 2b-3c. I love what the coconut oil is doing for their hair even more than his! It is especially helping the one who has the finest and most difficult hair. I think this will be a definite staple for her hair routine!!!

Thank you for getting me to rethink coconut oil! By the way...its also great to pop your popcorn in. That's what movie theaters use to give it that movie theater popcorn taste.
Hey ladies I'm having a coconut oil giveaway on my blog starting today! It's 1.5lbs of organic coconut oil. (That's a $44 value!) Check it out when you get a chance!

The link to the giveaway is here. OR you can just click on the link in the footer.

Good luck!

- savvy
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I just bough EV Coconut oil and I thought I would like the smell but it just too much and it smells sweet, is there anyway to fix this? I was thinking of mixing in rose water..?
All these years I assumed my hair detested coconut oil. I've tried the vatika oil I even tried monoi tahiti coconut oil but my hair would just become rebellious (dry and rough.) I told myself I would try it one more time after reading this thread. I decided to try nutiva which is USDA approved and it's EV. The minute this oil touched my hair it was just amazing. My hair was soft and had a beautiful sheen to it which I usually only get from using sunflower seed oil . I only use this particular oil from this vendor.

Savvy brown thanks for posting the Nutiva brand of oil I ordered mine from vitacost the prices are great. I'm so happy with this purchase my hair is super soft. Next time I will mix some of this oil with the desert essence organic coconut conditioner.

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I love Nautiva and Vatika oil, After I use up a jar of Vatkia, I buy a jar of Nautiva. Coconut oil is great for detanglig, cuz it knocks my detngles out, no comb needed, its wonderful after a wash&condition, I apply it and braid up my hair overnight. Plus coconut oil has a nice soft scent my DH likes and so no issues when we try to snuggle
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i use a mixture of coconut oil & jojoba oil for prepoos and use a small amount in my sealant mixture. i like coconut oil for prepoos because you can apply it to the scalp like old school grease.
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Coconut oil is the best! It's so great for the hair as a leave-in conditioner and a sealant. It's great for hair, skin, and even to cook with! As many others have stated, you just have to be careful not to use too much. I find it easier to apply when it's in a liquid state, but it liquefies at a fairly high temperature (76 degrees F). It's also great for massaging scars to lessen scarring. Coconut oil is one of those few things with about a million uses, and is great to have on hand at all time.
I want to try that tropical traditions coconut oil and cream. For some reason it just sounds much better than the one I got from TNS.
Anybody have any reviews on the tropical traditions gold label coconut oil? What sets it apart from other coconut oils, if at all?
I only use coconut oil in my henna or cassia treatments.

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I use coconut oil on my wash n gos in place of gel to give my curls shine. I absolutely love it.
Finally 100% natural. I'm embracing my curls.


i have a love/hate relationship with coconut oil. i love it in rinse out products. after my bc, i found that coconut oil just wouldn't absorb into my hair. it just sat on my hair. last week i decided to try again. used coconut oil under my leave-in for my wet bun. that ish ran down my neck all friggin day at work. i had to repeatedly wipe my oily neck. yuck!
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Coconut oil by itself just makes my hair feel greasy. Now I mix it (just a little) with my gel (Biotera) and rake it in over my leave-in. That's when the curls pop and shine! (Even on humid days! )

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Right now I just use it on my ends when I'm fluffing my twist-outs. I mainly use it in the summer on it own. In the fall and winter, I have to mix it with other things. Otherwise it make my hair look weird. I have had success by mixing it with shea butter and a little vitamin E and with a blend of other oils (jojoba, sweet almond, and vitamin E).
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Oh my gosh, you guys. I read this thread last night, and decided to give some coconut oil I had lying around a try (I usually add it to my henna mix, but have been afraid to use it on my day-to-day hair because it's only 3a-ish and I was worried about it getting weighed down/looking greasy). But I was intrigued, as you've had such great results with it.

I have never had such good hair in my life. In one day. CO is actually a miracle worker! I applied it over KCKT, and under KCCC, and my curls are so soft, defined, clumped, and shiny. A-MA-ZING. Thanks so much for the tips

Next step... trying it on toast!!
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i put a spoon of it in my dc. thats the only way my hair will tolerate it. ♥
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Prior to shampooing my hair, I detangle it with my fingers, using coconut oil, primarily on the ends and on the new growth. I have discovered, however, that jojoba oil does my hair better justice as a sealant.
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