AA female w/ 4a/4b and 2wk old big chop


So, I'm new to all this and very excited about re-learning my hair. I think I was born with 4b hair, and over the years I've braided, jheri-curled, extensioned and done it all. Late last year, I gradually began the process of cutting off my shoulder-length relaxed hair. My last relaxer was 10/31/09, and I have been cutting my hair in stages since then because I knew it would be too big of a shock for my system. My husband held my hand as I cried during one of my many visits to the salon.

But, when I did the final big chop two weeks ago, it was a cathartic experience. I love it and can't keep my hands out of my hair! I now have a TWA, and plan to grow it out as far as it will go. My hair has changed texture over the years, and is now a combo of 4a and 4b (I've self-diagnosed so I hope that's right). My stylist even commented on the change in texture b/c he's been working with me since my pre-teens (I am 32). I have a sort of "S curve" from the front of my head to the nape of my neck that is packed with thick, dense, perfectly defined (4A?) curls. They resemble the coils inside of a ballpoint pen. Everything else around that is more of an afro, kind of like soft cotton with tiny curls, except above my ears where it is kind of 4A.

Dilemma...I am having difficulty finding products that address both textures. I bought the "Hot Buttered Curls for 4A" hair, but it's not working on my 4B sections. Any suggestions?

Also, is the dual texture possible a result of many years of relaxing? Will the two textures evetually merge and leave me with one? I hope so, b/c I love these new 4A curls!
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I'm not any help because I have a mix of 3c/4a/4b.

I'll celebrate my 2 year natural anniversary on February 17th and I doubt very seriously that your textures will eventually merge. It's seems to be fairly common on the board to have multiple textures. You just have to learn to work with it.

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i have 3 dif textures as well & i use the same products on all 3...have to embrace them all. sometimes I just may use dif methods of styling for those days when I may care if it looks or behaves uniformly. Also, if a product says its for a specific hair type does not mean it will or will not work for you. I personally feel Hair typing isnt too beneficial & sets unrealistic expectations for some. you have other things like the climate where u live, if your hair is inherently dry, porous or protein sensitive. ull work it out. just try & gauge what works for you based on how your hair responds. I also would suggest reading the pinned topic @ the top of this forum. good info there.

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