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Hi I am just wondering if anyone else has used the amla and olive heavy cream and it made their hair frizzy? It does make my hair soft, but frizzy.

Also if you have used the moringa softening serum, how do you use it?

Usually I use the AOHC to do twists with or to smooth over my hair sometimes. I've never noticed fuzzyness. How are you using it?

Sometimes I moisturize with a hair milk/nectar then seal and twist with the moringa serum.
I usually do twist outs, pretty much all of the time. I use Oyin whipped pudding and the burnt sugar pomade, or I use the whipped pudding and qhemets pomade. Once I tried the AOHC andthe pomade. My hair was soft, but soooo fuzzy. Maybe its best for twists that you arent separating (?)
Have you tried using the AOHC alone? I have had no problems mixing AOHC with other products but it works best on my hair by itself and while my hair was a little damp. I usually don't separate my twists because my hair will always frizz.

Side note: When I used Oyin, I would mix the Shine and Define with the Burnt Sugar Pomade.
it makes my hair frizzy as well, gave massive shrinkage & regardless how small amnt of the product I used, it kept my hair greasier than normal

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