need advice what is better kbb or jane carter any advice badley needed before I buy

Hello ladies I am trying to decide what is better on a naturally curly twa to make curls pop and defined. I did the big chop but want my hair to be more defined. Would you got with Karens Body Beautiful or Jane Carter products. I am trying to decide any advice. also I would like to use some on my daughters hair so I would like it to also give great moisture without alot of shrinkage. Thanks
Well I wouldnt go with either. KBB has butters, creams, oils , shampoos, conditioners, etc. I havent tried Jane Carter but Ive seen the line up, likewise.

Neither company has any product geared for "pop" or curl definition. My hair doesnt curl with butters or creams , it waves up. I dont know what your hair does or reacts to , so you might have to do trial and error to see.

I would suggest looking for creams and puddings or gels if you are looking for curl definition. Even conditioner if need be.

ETA I saw you said you want to use some on your daughter, I would go with KBB hair package, I think its $25 and you get samples to choose from.

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