dye hair but leave the gray streak

I'd like to dye my hair. The problem is the gray streak in the front center of my head. I love my gray streak and actually do not want that part of hair dyed. While I enjoy the look of the color growing out on my hair, especially in its curly state, I don't like the look of the gray growing out, so I'd like to just avoid it all together. Does anyone know how I can do that? If I covered the section with aluminum foil, do you think it would be enough to preven dyeing hair?

The pic below kind of shows the streak a little bit, but because of the way the hair is falling, it isn't super distinct. I'm a work, so I don't have a better picture.
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Mine is like that too! I hope someone gives you an answer. I currently henna my hair and I have been covering the gray with it. I do hate the way the gray grows out afterward though.

Ok, sisters... Let us know!
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Just get a dye that is not formulated for gray coverage. It will dye your other hair and not take to the gray hair. Apparently gray is more resistant to color. Just look at the dye if it is for gray it will say so

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