I just finished applying this stuff....my hair drank it like a milkshake. I need 200g. I used 150. I got it covered though, but I'm going to use 200 for future applications. I SHOULD'VE LISTENED TO YOU NIK! Okay, so I'm definitely buying in bulk from now on. I did get dye release, probably not as much as I should have though. I also think that maybe i should have added more honey. Ah well, I'll get it next time. I'm sleeping in this stuff. So I'll be up soon to wash it out...wow I'm really looking forward to that lol.
Thick coarse 3c/4a prone to dryness.
Aphogee 2 Step treatment
Generic Biolage Conditioning Balm
Tigi MM Conditioner
Creme of Nature Shampoo for dry hair
Denman D3
Giovanni Direct Leave-in
SheaMoisture Leave-in

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