so, i met w/ FrizzCurls today at our Connect's house to buy more henna of course, and how about her hair is GAWGEOUS! I'm sure it was pretty before the henna, but her color is so rich in person...even indoors

Just thought I'd share

Thanks for the compliments Curlynikki! Just so everyone knows Curlynikki's photos don't do her any justice she and her hair are naturally beautiful!
Originally Posted by curlynikki
Thanks FrizzCurls And ditto!

Heather, I won't say I told you so,lol...I won't drive you
And I feel you on the 'can't wait to wash it out', which is why I started sleeping in it. Awake, I couldn't take it for more than 3 or 4 hours.

Keep us posted and update your album!!
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