Ajidahk, I'm sorry about the cassia. I would especially expect results after a back to back treatment. I'd like to know what steps you followed too.
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I started with ~150g of cassia and added the warm water until it looked like frosting. Next, I added ~2 tbs of honey and let the mix sit for about 30 mins.

I washed my hair with TJ's nourish shampoo and I detangled with a V05 condish. I rinsed my hair really well and then section my hair.

I let my hair dampen, then proceded to put the cassia in my hair. I realized that I didn't have quite enough to cover my head when I got to the top of my head, so I kind of wet the part of my hair that was already covered in cassia and smoothed my uncovered hair with it. I let the cassia stay in my hair for ~45mins and then rinsed it out.

I did it this way the first time I did cassia and the second time I did it, I elimintated the V05 to detangle. Did I do something wrong here?
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