i take my shower at night because i don't have the time to take a shower in the morning at all.so when i wake up in the morning, i splash a lil'bit of water in my hair,add a big goop of gel through my hair,scrunch,then towel scrunch,and do a half-up.though its still always damp when i leave my house.it dries while i'm in school.ayyy my hair ia gonna freeze this winter!i would like to take a shower in the morning because it wakes me up but my i don't have the time to dry my hair.also i don't leave my house in the mornings with my hair down because it will dry like a triangle unless i clip my roots, lol and i'm not going to school with clips in my hair.does anyone here take a shower in the mornings and has a fast way of drying the hair,its ok if its a lil bit wet because i do like the wet look.does anybody got suggestions to modify my choice of product?