Redcat, will it firm my neck? I'm in serious need of a mini-face lift. I'm starting to look like a turkey! Gobble gobble!

It will help, but I think we need to be realistic when using anti-aging products...there's only just so much a topical product can do. It can't replace surgery. I plan to use topicals for as much and as long as I can, but I'm still planning the neck-lift surgery too.

I use PSF DMAE on my neck, and it does firm it, but I notice the biggest firming difference around my eyes.
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Has anyone here tried the PSF BrowTox or Botox? I'm tempted. I have had deep burroughs on my forehead since I was a teenager (I have a very dramatic personality and my face really shows it). I tried Victoria Principals's line with Airgireline and wasn't impressed. I noticed the PSF BrowTox contains Airgireline. I've thought about getting some Botox injections but I heard that if you don't keep them up, your face starts drooping worse than before. RCW, have you tried Botox?
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I haven't tried botox (or the BrowTox), because as of this point, at almost 46, I do not have any forehead wrinkles or even any fine lines up there (don't be jealous, I have "other" drooping upper eyelids and the start of jowels...ugh). I'm planning on getting Botox injections when I do start to notice forehead wrinkling though.

I have a close friend who has it done and she's had very nice success with it (she's only 37, but she's got a fierce case of 11's between her eyes). There was one time she got it where she got too heavy of a dose and it caused her eyebrow arches to droop, but it got better as it wore off and she just has less injected now and hasn't had that problem again. I don't think it causes worse wrinkling if you stop using it, just that you look worse because you were looking so good before. You're supposed to have it every 3-4 months and the more/longer you have it, the better the wrinkling gets.