I have been reading the postings re. a Deva trained salon in Rockland and Westchester counties. I have gone to the city to the Deva Salon to Jackie and was happy, but what a pain and expensive. I'm also looking for a closer alternative. I too live in Rockland, but never heard of Debbie of Hair 166 until this website. For some reason I'm sceptical of her talents...prove me wrong. I'm going to try Lois from Louis de Chiarro Salon, Eastchester next month. I found her in this website, someone gave her a rave review and said she is Deva trained. I have a better feeling that this Westchester salon might be closer to the real Deva experience than Monsey, NY. I also heard about the WHite Plains opening of Devaschan, but can't get any concrete info about it. Does anybody have more info re. the Louis de Chiarro Salon?
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just curious--why do you feel sceptical about debbie from hair 166? if you live in rockland why not just drive over and talk to her before you decide? i have not gone to her (yet) but have heard good things and have popped in the salon to get deva stuff now and then. monsey is a visibly orthodox community but i do not think debbie's salon is. married women in these communities get their sheitels done anyway, not their real hair....
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