This isn't really an insult, just a funny comment one of my husband's aunts made. He has a few rich Greenwich, Connecticut relatives–they're like WASPS, only they're Irish Catholic. Go figure. Anyway, they all have straight brown or blond hair, ranging from ear length down to the shoulders. I have long, below shoulder length curly dark brown hair. We went to his uncle's funeral a few years ago and his aunt (who was the widow!) gave me a hug and said, "Angie," (they all call me Angie, even though my name is Angela and absolutely no one else in my entire life has ever called me Angie) "Angie," she said as she put her hands on both sides of my head, "You have such fun hair!"

Me, My husband and his sister still crack up about that comment. It's like their family thinks I'm so exotic and ethnic because I'm Italian and I have curly hair! Haha. They're really great people and I don't even mind that they call me Angie any more, but they are so silly.

I also get comments from people who see me when I occasionally straighten my hair. They always say "Wow! You look awesome with straight hair! So sophisticated!" which isn't really an insult, but it's a backhanded way of saying "Man, you usually look like a freaky witch hippie!"
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