Hi all! I am new to the site. A friend tipped me off to CG and I jumped right in! Having had "curly" hair all my life, and knowing that when cut well my hair has lots of body and curl to it, I went in for the boticelli routine. A week later my hair was weighed down and lifeless and way overconditioned. I was using natural organic conditioner with no cones. I did the lemonaid treatment with great results but then a few days later--same story. Tried a lighter conditioner, no luck. My hair was oily and too soft to curl. I got my hair cut by a good, curly-headed stylist who listened to my routine and supported it about three days into the cg routine.

My thought is that my scalp is more like a wavy-girl or 2a, but my hair tends to have more curl to it than a 2. Last night I bought IO rosemary and mint shampoo and conditioner for fine/oily hair, both are cone free and detergent free. The shampoo uses a coconut-based lather instead of the sulf products. I put conditioner on the bottom half of my hair and then shampooed just the scalp and roots. My hair is more dry than it was on plain cg routine and frizzed a bit today, but it feels so much cleaner. I use Garnier fruit essence curl booster spray gel and use the twist and clip for a little bit while my hair is drying, then use a diffuser. I spritz with my own concoction based on the lavender spritz from cg--it's peppermint and tea tree oil in water--during the day to liven the curls up.

I guess what I'm asking is, does anyone else have this kind of hair? Is it worth ordering in Jessicurl or Devacurl products? My hair is baby fine and I have lots of it. Normal conditioners and gels weigh it down.

Thanks for any help! It's helped me to just get down my frustration!