What can & cannot be used on the eye area? From what I am understanding you can use the Retin-A & the DMAE, but not any of the other products, other than the moisturizers, of course.
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I usually keep acids away from my eye area...except for DMAE, which is acidic but has firming properties. The eye area doesn't need any exfoliation, so I don't use anything exfoliating there, like AHA or BHA acids or micro-dermabrasion crystals or cloths or anything else. Retin-A isn't an acid, and it's proved to reduce fine lines, so of course that goes in my eye area. Moisturizers should be used with caution in the eye area too...too heavy of a moisturizer can cause those little bumps, called milia. A light moisturizer (like my favorite emu) is fine though.