Finally, I've found a routine that works very consistently for me. I have almost zero frizz (or if I have some, it works with the look) and my hair has been healthy. It feels and looks better than ever, I have not been remotely tempted to bust out the round brush and/or flat iron. Here it is:

Shampoo with Nature's Gate organics Lemon & Verbena
Condition with J/A/S/O/N Sea Kelp conditioner
Leave-in conditioner: ABBA Nourishing (this is truly truly an HG for me)

Rake or scrunch in a fair amount of Redken Spin Control. Optional, occasional mixing or layering with Rusk Wired, Rusk Jele Gloss, or RX2 texture creme.

My hair is so long now that I'm actually more of a 2b/2a now, but ... for you non-CG-ers, this may give you some ideas!
Formerly agk

*All 2s and 3A (hair has been wonky lately)
*Currently enjoying Elucence MBC, Abba Nourishing, Giovanni Vitapro, Abba Gel-Lotion, Redken Spin Control