I'm not CG, but scared to attempt it since I have oily hair.
Hey again, found your post
I'm not full CG right now, but I'm trying to learn all I can. I also have oily hair/scalp. Even with shampooing everyday with Jessicurl, my hair gets oily the next day. This is common I think for wavies, plus my hair is thin. For me, I have found that I have to shampoo everyday, and I really love Jessicurl HCC. As you know from my other post is my problem is overconditioning. I really think you should start with an ACV rinse and then use CG friendly products if you decide to start CG. I do a CO wash only once a week, although, haven't lately because of my over CO problem. So, I don't have a routine right now, but, like I said, wavies shouldn't be CO washing as much as curlies or going without shampoo. You have to experiment to see what amount is good for your hair type.
Hair Type: 3A/2C at crown with 2B/2A underneath. Trying to begin CG, have a lot to learn! Website pw: curls