your rollerset it beautiful....i love it, love it, love it!

b/c my surroundings are in disarray and i can't find my picture usb download thing, i can't post pics, however i do want to post the following. the perimeter of my hair that is definitely 4a and even 3c in some patches is waaaay defined, silky, curly, etc. even without product. i think when i play in my hair all day i can feel that the penspring and 4b hair is more defined but i think the differences is texture is more noticeable which i don't think i like. ..i have random elongated wavy pieces hanging around my ears and neck and then the rest is a big as8 afro... if you take a look at at curlynikki's album, you'll see that it appears that her looser curls are a canopy around her tighter curls whereas the very front of my hair (first 1-2 inches of my dome is a loose curl and then the rest is an afro, well all around the perimeter. i hope that makes sense. any suggestions? i'll post pics as soon as i find that thing.
thick, kinky, nappy, hair w/ dashes of curls
pw: bearhair