Solange, your hair looks amazing! Simply beautiful

I haven't sang the praises of henna in a here goes

OMG! My hair after henna number 9 or 10 (still have no idea...lost count) is soooo heavy and the shrinkage issue I once had has vanished. My individual strands are resilient and much thicker...MUCH thicker! I couldn't be happier.

Also, this SheaMoisture/AA Mandarin Jelly combo is doing amazing things. My hair has never been softer, fluffier or this moisturized. I've been applying the two mixed together and although the lack of hold bothered me at first (compared to BE...after I scrunch the crunch, there is 0 hold) I like the big and wild look. Good hair days guys...good hair days

Oh and Heather, I'm going to replenish my slowly dwindling henna supply with a huge stash from FNWL. I'm going on your reviews and your reviews alone...hopefully I won't be disappointed
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Thank You CN - You are my henna icon, along with Spiral NC. Now I'm planning to do weekly Friday hennas also. This friday I will use up my remaining mixed henna from the last time, mixing it with Amla powder and honey. Amla is supposed to promote growth, reduce hair loss and stimulate the scalp. Another new experiment !!

I am curious about your decision to switch to henna from FNWL - is their product superior? I intend to try a few different brands as well so perhaps we can compare notes

I made an Amla and Aloe Vera Gel mask/scrub for my face last night and my skin was glowing this morning

Mariag - I love your rollerset. Your hair looks so good and healthy!!