I posted this in general without any replies, so instead of bumping, I thought I'd see if any of you guys do this...

I'm assuming that this means that you put your hair in rollers when it is still wet. This isn't used to LOOSEN curl is it? That's def. not what I want to acheive.

What size rollers do you use?
Do you sponge or hard rollers?
Do you use clips or what to hold the rollers in?
Do you sleep with them or only put them on while you're getting ready (if so...for how long?)
And how do you roll it? Do you start at the send and go up...do you do it like a spiral? I've always had trouble putting rollers in my hair because I never knew how to do it...it would only curl the ends.

I'm going for more of a loose curl/wave. Natural everyday look...not a done up beauty pageant or formal look.

Have you had much success with it? I want to try it, so I wanted opinions especially from wavies, but everyone.

Oh, and if you have any pictures with any kind of results, that'd be super great.
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