While it's still my responsibility to do the resarch, I'm a little ticked that my new OB didn't mention the decreased supply as a side effect. She recommended mini pill, IUD or ring. I waited until he was 6 months to start on it, which is what seems to be the suggestion across the board. Well, 6 months or on solids exclusively.

Other potential side effects are reduced quality (whatever that means) of the milk and the baby yellowing. He still looks very brown, and he hasn't lost any weight, so I feel ok in that department.

I feel it's worth it to breastfeed as long as I see no adverse side effects in his temperment & weight & general health.

I know I'm not responsible enough to do the mini pill or condoms. I'll just have to keep taking my herbs and pumping. I'm flying solo tonight so I'll have lots of time to pump.