Well I couldn't resist. It was time for a change up in the routine, so I ordered a bunch of this stuff. I've been using the DMAE gel and C serum for a little over a week and my skin looks a little brighter. I'm probably the only one who notices. Starting the 0.01% retin a next week. Oh, and I also got the castille cleanser (I think these are all from PSF). Love the cleanser!

Anyway, thanks for the recs, RCW. I know I'm in it for the long haul before I see anything amazing, if ever. Does anyone know if retin a is preventive? I have teeny tiny wrinkles. My problem is lack of tone. ugh. I hate seeing my face age, esp when I feel like so great otherwise.
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Yes, Retin-A is preventive, but it's not a miracle worker. It works on diminishing fine lines...big lines not so much. It also does nothing for firmness. DMAE firms, but it also isn't a miracle worker. I think we'll look better than others our age for a few years or a decade or two, but gravity gets us all in the end.