I tried the overnight soft rollers and they definitely worked for more curl! Lots of body and nice soft curls. I did up my whole head while my hair was damp and freshly clean. (conditioner with a drop of natural shampoo.) I wrapped my head in a satin sleep scarf. In the morning, I unwound the hair, finger-combed, and then smoothed with gel. Here's what I will do differently next time:

1. Use the curlers on the back and underneath of my hair overnight. In the morning, use the pin trick on the top and sides, where my hair is finer, more curly, and more fragile. The curlers were too much there.

2. Unwind the hair from the curlers and then smooth gel on them BEFORE finger-combing them out. Finger-combing created lots of frizz and more body than I needed.

Good luck!