Wahhh!!! My choice isn't up there!

I currently own a HAI Convertable that I have had for almost 4 years. If it ever breaks, I will be purchasing a Solia. Over at MUA.com the girls who have a Sedu rave about it b/c it leaves extra body behind. I do not want this, as my hair has enough body on its own. The original CHI has a good reputation, but no temp. control... the CHI Turbo is notorious for breaking down.

So... right now, HAI and Solia get my vote.
3a, BSL, color treated/highlighted, fine strands (but lots of them), high porosity
Routine: Modified CG, protein lover
Location: South Florida

I'm a curly-headed runner, triathlete and foodie! Sweat, chlorine, sun... my hair gets tortured by it daily. It somehow always manages to 'bounce' another day!