Has anyone tried this? my salon offers the new 'Keratin Complex Hair Therapy by Coppola' and my stylist had her curly hair done and it looks fantastic. she can wear it curly and it just looks like perfect frizz-free waves, or she can straighten - and that time was cut from 45 minutes to about 10 minutes. I guess only time will tell how it grows out and if it's damaging. the more porous the hair the better. it's not a straightening treatment, but a frizz reducer. see links below:
coppola's one page web site:

and an interesting article, then 8 page discussion on it...

I'm looking for a way to reduce the morning time dealing w/ my hair and get more consistent results. I'm surprised the NC boards haven't been discussing it more...maybe in time that will change.
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From a quick glance at the article this is another name for "Brazilian Keratin Treatment" or "BKT" as some call it. There is a HUGE monster thread with this title on this board and several smaller threads. Some people have done it and like it. Others are scared about use of formaldehyde in the process and health dangers.

Thermal reconditioning ("TR") does not use any carcinogens and is very effective. I highly recommend it, if you want pin straight hair and can manage the grow out process. (lots of thread about TR too, on this board and on the internet).

If you do either one, or something similar, post your experience to share it!
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