I used to use the neutral hennalucent (with compounds) years ago, and had good experiences with it. I mixed it with EVOO and a little condish. It gave my hair weight and substance/strength. However, I found the process time-consuming for my lifestyle at the time so I stopped using it.

I think, from these posts, I would be blown away by cassia so I ordered 200g from Mehandi. Has anyone tried cassia mixed with amla?
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I would like to know if anyone has tried Cassia mixed w/ Amla as well. I bought 300g of Cassia, 200g of Amla, and 100g of Shikakai from Henna Sooq recently. I'm thinking of mixing about 30g of Cassia w/ a small bit of Amla, honey, and hot water infused w/ marshmallow root. I'm in dire need of trim--should I trim my hair first? Also, I dunno what conditioner to use afterwards (lately I havent been using conditioner, since I just go straight to my cream leave-ins)...I have some Elucence MBC, then I bought some Better Botanicals Pure Gloss Conditioner and Desert Essence Organics Italian Red Grape Conditioner yesterday. I dont want my hair to be super-dry after the treatment. About a week ago I did an Amla & Shikakai treatment w/o using a conditioner afterwards; my hair was a little dry, even though I soaked my tresses in a bath of herbal infused water (blue malva, rosebuds, marshmallow root & honey).
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