Knharde! Wow, I haven't seen you around for a while! How are you?
I don't have any advice about the cassia/amla - sorry. But if you are in dire need of a trim, as you said, I would do that first, then do the treatment and strengthen your new ends. You're hair will just feel better too. Also, although cassia and henna are good "conditioners", it's more of a strengthening conditioning. It's not the slippery, moisturizing kind of conditioning, so a good moisturizing conditioner afterward wouldn't hurt.

Also, can you tell us more about the Marshmallow root infusion that you make? I've been wanting to use some in a recipe, but I don't really know how to work with it.
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hi Spiral I like to use marshmallow root to condition & moisturize my hair--usually I pour it as a final rinse but lately I've been washing my hair in the sink so I just fill up the sink w/ my herbal infusion and let my hair soak in it. I love combining blue malva, marshmallow root, rose buds, and honey. I just boil some water then throw in the herbs--sometimes I use a muslin bag to hold the herbs and other times I have to use a strainer. I tried using a coffee filter recently and that didnt work out too well lol.

So I didnt trim afterall...couldnt find my hair sheers. I did the Cassia treatment using marshmallow infused water, about 30g of Cassia and a ton of honey. First of all, I didnt make enough to saturate my hair lol. I would have to mix up at least twice as much. Secondly, it took forever to wash out in the sink. I kept draining the water and rinsing...I did that about 8 times before the water got sufficiently clear of yellow and green particles. My hair came out a little dry on my ends, but looking at the strands they looked shiny & strong I'm slowly twisting my hair--its taking forever since I have to detangle each strand and of course its the holidays so I'm super busy.

My resolution for 2008 is take better care of my hair. I think I want to alternate treatments of amla, cassia, and rhassoul with Aubrey's GPB; keep my hair in protective styles and only wash every 3 weeks. I was doing this earlier this year but I stopped after I started at the Academy & then my new job.
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