I just wanted to say my first Henna experience turned out FABULOUS due to this thread. I was so excited when I did it I forgot to take pics but I'll post the after shots in a couple days. It was so easy to apply, clean, and rinse out. My hair looks great, everybody asked about what I did, my cousins and aunts had me writing every detail lol.

The $1.49 pure BAQ henna I found at a local indian store works just fine and the results look just as good as those who used more expensive plus shipping and handling types lol.

THANK YOU to every single person who posted a question, an answer, or experience in here, especially Curly Nikki who started this whole ruckus Even though I browsed a ton of other forums about Henna, this is where it all began for me.... thanks ladies!

Happy Henna New Year!
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