Thanks!!! And you're right, my hair has done a 360 since April...hell, since September. I plan on henna'ing for life! My hair is 3 times's hard to see in the pics, but trust me, it is!

I did a quick search on coconut milk on hennaforhair and found this quote in a thread titled Coconut Milk Consensus

Last gloss used 1/8 a can of coconut milk. My final reaction to it is poor. it left my hair rediculously limp and lifeless for DAYS and DAYS. No amount of shampoo would get rid of it. The color as well, did seem to fade, but ONLY on my greys (which lol, is not the result i hoped for)

My mistake could be in using too much. I'm glossing right now, with my regular gloss mix and only 1 tsp of coconut milk. Perhaps that will give me a better result.

I'm finding I absolutely LOVE henna red, although i'm wondering if teh time will come i get too dark. I havent hit that yet, so I'm plowing away. I get compliments on my hair everywhere i go.

Okay other findings. I'm finding, i got rid of the limpness AND dryness using, of all things generic baby shampoo from the dollar store. Yup, thats it, no conditioner and while hair is still damp a dab of cheapo moisturizing hair styling gel.

After three days of this simple ritual, my hair is smooth as silk, even when wet. Other than my gloss i've ditched conditioner entirely!

Other people chimed in and stated that they didn't like their results and would stick to a more simple mix.

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