I don't want to hurt you. You are the last person I'd want to hurt, but having you believe that something more can come of our friendship isn't right, even though I believe I made it clear what I felt and thought. While it would have been lovely in a perfect world, we just wouldn't be right for eachother. You have WAY too many issues(mentally and physically) and that can be emotionally draining. It has been draining. Not only that, your dependence on getting your ego stroked by strangers shows me just how fragile you really are. That regardless of what I say, you'd always need to feel semblance from other sources. And W was unfortunately right....I'm a convenient "friend", and that you sometimes take advantage of the fact that I'm there for you.

You're my best friend, and I hope we can be cool after all is said and done. I just worry about what this can and will do to you. Not worried, petrified. Sigh........I hope you can finally muster up some type of courage, because if going by your recent history, you're going to do something drastic......
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