I had the Peter Copolla treatment done on 12/27. I love it!!
Right after she finished, my hair was super straight and I thought "what have I done?"
I waited out the 3 days until I could wash it. I washed it and was amazed-- my hair still had some of the natural wave...but it took half the time to blow it dry! I have a lot of really thick curly hair and it used to take me 40 min. to dry it - and it would usually be frizzy.
I dried it in 20 min., then used a flat iron and it looked like I had a professional blowdry!
Yesterday I let it air dry and it was wavy without being frizzy-- amazing!!

I had intended to have the Brazilian Keratin treatment done, but then the more I read about the formaldehyde scared me. So the salon I went to does this treatment also. It does still have formaldehyde but it's some patent-pending formula that breaks it down so there are no fumes and it's not as strong.

Good luck on the 8th-- you will love it!!