It's good for you.
It's bad for you.
It's good for you again...
no wait, we've discovered it's bad for you.

It prevents cancer.
It causes cancer.
oh oops, it's great at fighting cancer.
oh, we were wrong again, it will definitely give you cancer.
but if you drink it while hanging upside down at the stroke of midnight in July during a full moon, it MIGHT help fight cancer.

It helps your teeth.
It hurts your teeth.
It causes cavities.
It repairs soft spots!
Oh wait, no it doesn't it CREATES soft spots.
and it causes cancer too.
but if you only drink a little it will help you live longer.
oh no, we were wrong again. it will kill you pretty quickly, actually.

It's responsible for early onset of alzheimers.
No, it improves your memory and brain function!
No, we spoke too soon...
it causes cancer.

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