SPOILT no honey I'm not spoilt I'm just privileged. Just because I own so many things according to you it does not give you the right to be jealous and green eyed. First out you don't know what I had to do to get what I have and Secondly so what!!! We are two different people so there is no reason for us to have the same things. It isn't even like I rub anything in your face and show off and what not, but yet you still wanna go and copy my style, what happened to individuality????? your words not mine. I'm sure if you didn't have issues with your lungs and that you'd be smoking as well. If I was to jump off tower bridge into the river thamas would you follow even though you cant swim???
all this recent irrational behaviour just shows yu to be insecure. if were supposed to be cool with each other you know im not gonna spill.