Sometimes air dry all the way, sometimes diffuse, airdry, diffuse. Sometimes sit under my hooded dryer. Sometimes alternate that with air drying. Sometimes completely diffuse. I guess the first two are the most common for me. (I didn't vote because none of the options suited me!)

ETA: With airdrying I get a little less volume, very clumpy curls and a little canopy frizz. Diffusing and airdrying - lots of volume, clumpy curls and a little canopy frizz, but less than airdrying - hair feels slightly less moisturized. Hooded dryer - less volume, more separated curls, not much frizz, more stretchage. Hooded dryer and air drying - less volume, clumpy curls, a little frizz. All diffused - lots of shrinkage, maximum volume, very springy curls, very tiny curls, very little frizz, hair feels a bit dry.

I used to have your frizz problem when airdrying, but for me it was solved by finding the exact right amount of leave-in and the leave-in ingredients to avoid, and by gently squeezing out hair with a microfiber towel.

And if you don't already know this - touch your hair as little as possible while it's drying and after as that causes major frizz. I can't scrunch my hair at all because it will frizz.
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