OK, I feel a tiny bit better since you both say this is typical 3 year old behavior. But why??? I was thinking of *her* when I decided to have the 2nd baby...so she'd always have a sibling to be close to. But the whole thing really backfired on me. Now she hates me...but loves daddy. I cook her breakfast...but she wants to eat it with daddy. I buy her bedroom furniture...but only daddy can sit on her bed. I made her pajamas...but daddy has to help her put them on. grrrrrr

What am I supposed to say when she says these things? I always hear about the strained mother/daughter reltionship dynamic. And I want to avoid that. Will she out grow this? What about all the women out there who hate their mothers. How do you know it didn't start out this way?

Yeah, I'm really torn on the daycare thing. She loves daycare; all of her friends are there. I worry that she'd be really sad if she had to stop going and she'd blame the baby. But it could help her feel more connected to the baby if she stayed home with me and "helped" me with him.

But in general, I love the idea of daycare/preschool.

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