SL and Geeky, your recent posts really hit home to me right now. In fact, I almost cried over it! The two comments were very simple, but SL mentioned about the 'strained mother daughter relationship' and Geeky mentioned how 3 year olds can be not likeable.

I found 2 to be harder than 3 b/c of the temper tantrums and frustrated meltdowns, but i can see how if your child wasn't prone to these kinds of tantrums, 3 could be more difficult. Bailey is so DEMANDING of me. Not a second goes by where she isn't asking me for something, or taking up my time. I really do not have a moments peace. I have to lock the door when going to the bathroom, and even then she's outside banging on the door (and yes, I know thats normal).

I just feel so exhausted and overwhelmed. She does NOT listen to me, she thinks she can do whatever she wants to do, and it's just physically demanding. Between the terrible 2's AND 3's, it's hard to remember when she WAS likeable.

Plus, she just knows how to push my buttons. I'm very worried that we'll have a strained relationship, but there's just nothing I can do about that. I just let her know that no matter what I will always love her - and that's the truth. The best I can do is love and support her, so i do.

SL, and Geeky, about the new baby thing, Bailey has never been one to play w/ baby dolls, so she really wasn't interested in the baby. Now Bella is 7 months, and her and Bailey are just starting to play with eachother. Yesterday while driving home I could hear Bella talking, and I looked in the mirror, and Bailey was looking right at her and playing w/ her - and that totally made me tear up. It was nice to have the two of them being sweet kids, and not terrors for a minute.

these must be the reasons why we instinctively love our children. I wouldn't put up with this crap from anyone else.