What do you mean by "in commission"? Sex? 5-6 weeks for that, and go S-L-O-W.

As for feeling back to yourself...it took me probably a whole year to feel totally healed after each of my 3 c-secs.

It's very common to have that shooting pain on the right side. That's where the surgical retractors go during the surgery, and most surgeons are right-handed and stand on that side, so that side gets a lot of stretching and manipulation of the wound, so therefore a lot of nerve damage. I still get occasional shooting/sharp pains in the right side of my scars, even years later.

Congrats on your new baby!
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Congrats on the new baby!

I had NO idea about the retractors causing this pain! When I had my daughter and I was healing, I remember saying that it felt like a tugging/pulling on that side, and it HURT. Of course, I would go in and they would say that everything looked fine. My doctor stood on the right side of me when he did my surgery, so this makes sense!

It took me a few weeks to really feel like I was getting around okay, but even longer to really feel HEALED.
I know that you're past this point, but I was up and walking within 12 hours of my surgery. My IV and cath BOTH needed to be re-inserted because while I could walk, I still couldn't pee. The put in the cath and more than two liters of urine came out. I have never felt so good after peeing in MY LIFE.

Just take it easy for as long as you have to, and do not rush into anything. It's a HUGE surgery and your body totally needs time to heal.