I hope this phase is really over for you guys!

I don't know if any of this could apply to your situation, but FWIW...
I know sometimes with nursing, babies go on what's called a "nursing strike," where they really aren't ready to wean, but refuse the breast for a few days. For example, my sister did this once. My mom figured out that the rocking chair she sat in was right by the kennel she kept the family dog in. While she was nursing my sister, if the dog started whining, she yelled "No" and banged on the kennel. My poor sister thought my mom was yelling at her.

My mom got her to nurse again by putting her to the breast right after she woke up while she (the baby) was still groggy or waking her up gently when she was in a light sleep. (She also quit yelling at the dog while nursing. )
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